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Sedation Dentistry in Highland Illinois & Breese Illinois

Sedation dentistry is needed for patients that suffer from dental anxiety, dental phobia, or other dental conditions. If patients experience this, we can utilize several different dental sedation techniques to help you achieve better oral health. The need for dental sedation can happen for several reasons, including people that have a high fear of the dentist’s office, previous traumatic experiences, uneasy around needles and/or shots, trouble getting numb, have sensitive teeth or people with bad gag reflexes. 

Sedation dentistry is our go-to solution when we encounter patients who have a hard time receiving dental treatment. Whether they are anxious or nervous, sedation dentistry utilizes sedative medication that is designed to make our patients feel more relaxed during their visit. Breese Dental Care and Highland Dental Care provide a couple of different types of sedation dentistry, depending on the needs and preferences of our patients.

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Oral Conscious Sedation

Breese Dental Care & Highland Dental Care offers oral conscious sedation to our patients to help ease your mind while you receive quality dental treatment. Oral conscious sedation is a type of conscious sedation that gets consumed via pill, while you remain able to communicate and breath on your own. Oral conscious sedation is simple, easy to use, effective, and most of all, safe. This allows you to remain awake while our top-of-the-line dentists treat your dental needs while you remain relaxed with your mind at ease. If you suffer from anxiety or have a fear of going to the dentist, oral conscious sedation may be a solution for you. Administered in pill form, it is as simple as consuming the pill one hour before  your appointment.  After you are seated at the office, we will monitor your vital signs and administer medication as needed until you are comfortable and relaxed. The benefits of having an oral sedation include:

If oral conscious sedation sounds like it’s the right solution for you, we are able to help explain your options. Additionally, we provide instructions about when to take the pill as it relates to your scheduled dentist appointment. Make sure you follow the instructions and have a friend or family member drive you to your appointment and back. Upon arrival at our dental care office, you will be awake, but very relaxed. Drowsiness is a common symptom and often, you won’t remember many details of the procedure.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, is a mild sedative and another type of sedation dentistry offered by Breese Dental Care. It is a minor sedative that is administered in the form of gas through your nose during your appointment and is a popular solution that Dr. Droege or Dr. Santel may recommend to patients that suffer from dental anxiety.

If you ever get nervous when you have an upcoming dentist appointment or it leaves you feeling anxious, you could benefit from this sedation method. Nitrous oxide is a nitrogen-oxygen combination that is consumed in a gas state by inhaling through your nose via mask right before your treatment. 

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Breathing in this gas helps ease your mind and as a result, you will experience a euphoric sensation. Nitrous oxide sedation is considered extremely safe and the effects will wear off fairly quickly once we remove the nose mask. Unlike the oral sedative, you are legally allowed to drive home after your treatment.