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While they may not be as authentic as natural teeth, dental implants are a healthy and great alternative. No longer do you have to feel the insecurities of your smile or eat a certain way because of a missing tooth or loose denture. With dental implants, your smile will be restored back to its former glory days and your eating habits can resume to how they were before.

The way that dental implants work is very similar to screws. The implants are placed in your jawbone and are designed to merge with your natural bone and as a result, allow for it to support artificial teeth, referred to as ‘crowns’. An abutment gets placed on top of the dental implant which is what supports the crown.

Dental implants have been a proven success for over the last 30 years and are considered to be the strongest solution to support missing or damaged teeth. Furthermore, they also offer a natural and authentic look, feel, and function.   

If you are looking to rebuild the confidence in your smile, stop by Breese Dental Care or Highland Dental Care to discuss your options regarding dental implants.  

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Facts About Dental Implants

Common Questions Our Clients Have About Dental Implants

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a 99.9% pure titanium threaded post that gets coated in growth factors designed to help your surrounding bone grow onto the implant. Various components can be placed on top in order to meet the unique needs of every patient.

Why choose an implant?

They are the best solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth and it is also an option to help support dentures. As long as the threaded post remains in the bone, the upper portion can be altered to fit the needs of each patient.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Anyone with missing teeth, unhealthy teeth, or dentures that they want secured are potential candidates for dental implants. The primary requirement for dental implants is that there is enough bone present in order to secure the implant. If you are interested and want to discuss your best options, we provide free consultations including a 3D scan to measure the amount of bone.

How long can I wait?

It is better to get this resolved sooner than later. The bone begins to recede the second your teeth are extracted and without the necessary bone, dental implants are at risk of being a viable option.

How can implants benefit me?

They protect surrounding teeth from wear & tear, enhances appearance, improves denture wear & function, increases the quality of life, and restores the feel of your natural teeth.

I have been missing this tooth for a while and the space doesn’t bother me, why should I consider an implant?

Biting muscles have the same intensity when a tooth is missing. The same force that used to be spread out over all teeth is now being spread out over fewer teeth. While these effects may not be noticed early, over time they can lead to premature failure of other teeth, and possibly dentures

What specialist do I need to see?

You can have your dental implants done at Breese Dental Care or Highland Dental Care.

What about the timeframe?

The timeframe is always changing when it comes to dental implants because every case is unique. Placing stress on an implant prematurely can cause the implant to fail, and failure costs much more time in the long run. At Breese Dental Care and Highland Dental Care, we are devoted to getting implants we place to be fully accepted by the body before we place any strain on them. We believe in selectively and accurately placing our implants to help minimize the risk of complications. Using 3D technology, we ensure measurable results and modern instruments help inform us when the implant is ready to restore. Our team is committed to our process and it has proven to be successful for our patients. We are more than willing to explain all options to the best of our ability that way our patients have a full understanding and are able to make an informed decision regarding their dental care.