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Highland Dental Care and Breese Dental Care is the place to go for dental treatment for those living in Troy, Illinois. Our dental care professionals, Dr. Droege and Dr. Santel, provide quality dental treatment and are certified by the World Clinical Institute. Visit our dental clinic when you need dental care regarding:

Our team of dental care professionals are committed to providing top-of-the-line dental treatment while focusing on creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for our patients in order to keep their anxiety levels at an all-time low. We understand that not every patient enjoys visiting the dentist which is why we do our best to make your appointment as comfortable as possible.

Read below to learn about our dental care professionals:

Timothy H. Droege, DMD

Dr. Kasey Santel, DMD

If you want superior dental treatment in the Troy, Illinois area, stop by Breese Dental Care or Highland Dental Care.

Preventative Dentistry Troy Illinois

preventative dentistry in troy illinois

The goal of preventative dentistry is exactly how it sounds – dental care that helps prevent any damage or gum disease to your teeth. These kinds of things consist of routine checkups, teeth cleaning, and dental X-rays in order to ensure that your teeth are healthy and good to go. Our preventative dentistry treatment helps keep your confidence high as well as your oral hygiene. Staying on top of your oral hygiene is great, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit the dentist in order to ensure that your teeth are as healthy as possible. However, it doesn’t just stop at the dentist’s office, our dental care professionals recommend in order to maintain a healthy oral hygiene, your routine must be:

Restorative Dentistry Troy Illinois

wisdom tooth extraction services troy illinois

Highland Dental Care and Breese Dental Care are committed to dental treatment regarding restorative dentistry that helps patients restore their teeth and gum’s health that have suffered from damaged or chipped teeth and gum disease. While preventative dentistry is a proactive approach, restorative dentistry focuses on repairing the health and function of your teeth regarding tooth decay, tooth loss, and tooth damage. We have several dental treatment options including:

Cosmetic Dentistry Troy Illinois

orthodontics troy illinois

Cosmetic dentistry comes in to play when you have crooked or chipped teeth and need braces, Invisalign, etc. If you are losing confidence in your smile, Breese Dental Care and Highland Dental Care can help. From repairing stained teeth or correcting your teeth’s alignment, our dentist offices can help restore your smile and your confidence. Visit our dental care professionals for solutions for your:

Sedation Dentistry Troy Illinois

sedation dentistry troy illinois

Breese Dental Care and Highland Dental Care provide sedation dentistry for our patients that suffer from dental anxiety and dental phobia. When providing dental care, we want our patients to be as comfortable as possible. However, we understand that not every patient is the same – some can be incredibly anxious about their upcoming dental treatment. Therefore, in order to make our patients feel more relaxed, we provide two types of sedation dentistry: oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Nobody should avoid dental treatment because of anxiety or fear of pain and discomfort, which is exactly why we offer sedation dentistry techniques to ensure dental care is available for everyone. 

Dental Implants Troy Illinois

dental implant services troy il

While they aren’t as authentic as natural teeth, dental implants have shown to be the best alternative. Breese Dental Care and Highland Dental Care helps those with missing teeth or damaged teeth with our quality dental implants for those living in Troy, Illinois. Our dental implants offer a natural look, feel, and function – you won’t even know the difference!

If you live in the Troy, Illinois area, visit one of our dental treatment facilities, either at Breese Dental Care or Highland Dental Care. We look forward to meeting you! For more information, visit our website for more information about the dental treatment that we provide!